Bandera de brasil


Te asesoramos para solicitar o renovar tu pasaporte brasileño en el Consulado de Brasil en Barcelona o Madrid.

Por la COVID-19, hay muchas restricciones en los Consulados de Brasil en el mundo. Se puede renovar el pasaporte de Brasil, por correos o personalmente (dependiendo del consulado).

Agiliza tu tiempo y contacta con uno de nuestros especialistas para solicitar o renovar tu pasaporte de Brasil.

Plazo de entrega solicitud por correos:

  • Hasta 20 días útiles desde ​la recepción de la documentación completa.

  • Urgencias sobre consulta.

Estamos acreditados por el Consulado de Brasil para gestionar tus documentos de Brasil.

Aguia Tramites tiene oficinas en Barcelona, Madrid y Brasília

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When is the minting date?

Launch will be in the first Quarter of 2022! Vanguards will announce the date in January 2022!

What is the price per mint?

The price per mint will be announced closer to launch date. The price of Solana may fluctuate between now and then, so in order to accurately price the project we will need to wait until the date in set.

What blockchain is Vanguards launching on?

Vanguards will be minting on Solana! Solana is the best fit for our project to build on! The fast transaction speed, low fees and amazing NFT community will suit Vanguards perfectly!

Will there be secondary sale royalties?

The complete Vanguards NFT Collection will be available on Magic Eden directly after launch, and royalties will be set to 5%. The royalties will be used to progress the project further and add liquidity to the $GUARD token.

How many Vanguards are there? And how many can I have?

There will 10,000 Vanguards in total! 5,000 Hideo and 5,000 Akukin! For each faction, there will be several 1 of 1's and ultra rare mechs to collect! There is no limit on how many your wallet can hold!

Why did you choose 10,000 Vanguards?

The team is excited to showchase it's diverse range of weapons and armour, so keeping the mint higher would allow us to keep our range of unique attributes. Adding a 'fusion chamber' in the near future will help reduce the overall supply over time, as holders burn their NFTs to build out their dream war machines!